I Feel Rich…

For my 48th birthday, I purchased a yard of merino wool fabric.

And yes, I’m a plant-based eater…who uses wool fabric and says a prayer of gratitude as I use it because wool is easy-to-wash because it’s quick-drying, stink-free/fungal-free, bacteria-free, and just amazingly insulative/comfortable year-round. It saves me money, time, and energy…and yes, lots of water and electricity.

I’ll probably make a skirt…maybe a new eco-cushion…or even…

(gasp) a work bag…

People who don’t know me as a NYC luxury handbag designer, roast me here in Austin because I’ve been carrying around a insulative cooler bag…those who know me as a luxury handbag designer are like, “Thank God she’s got a normal bag like the rest of us!”

I’m kinda tired of repairing the bags that I buy elsewhere…the ones I used to create, like the “Telescope Tote” easily lasted 9 years of daily usage…I can’t really brag of its strength because it was Alfonsito, my artisan, who was hand/machine creating them…he was such amazing friend…our work relationship was tried and true.


My telescope tote bag was actually an amazing design…when I’d go into the Tibetan store “Do Kham”, the owner would say, “That’s one of the bags the Tibetan monks would use to gather berries long ago…”

“Yeah, I know…it’s a design of one of my past lives…” Those were the words that would slip out of my mouth (!).

Those words were just as weird to my ears as they’re to yours…but there, I said it…and seers have told me that I was a monk in my past life who sat at Buddha’s feet.

I don’t remember Buddha’s feet…but learning the 5 Tibetans was SO EASY…and seeing his statues are calming to me…they feel like home. (But so do the words, “Jesus Christ”…)

I digress.

I do think this Telescope Tote could be created a bit more sustainably and perhaps be able to be washed and dried like a pair of jeans…still lightweight and strong, like my hoop earrings.

Since I’d handcraft those as well, it’ll take some time to create…pre-shrink the wool, create a glue-free structural support, and such…I pray for the sheep that gives this wool, that their owners are gentle in the wool harvesting…either way, you won’t see these bags mass-produced…besides being a luxury handbag designer, I’ve had the luxury of turning down Bloomingdales Soho…maybe you’ll see them here at this website or at one of my U.S. stockists…

Sustainability is the old wisdom and new wealth (for EVERYONE). May all product-based companies strive to last for the next 100 years…


P.S. In the meanwhile, I’ve been creating music set list/repetoires (and performing live music) and writing…and a Hummingbird gallery…now that the Hummingbird art is completed…I don’t know what vacation is…this is my vacation…I suppose…I like it, whatever it is…thank you…

Around Here XIX

14K Thinnest And Strongest Thin Gold Hoop Earrings in “Daintiest” for L.W.


Austin Public Library


14K Thinnest And Strongest Thin Gold Hoop Earrings in “Daintiest” for L.W.


Crayon crowns by/for the young’uns


14K Thinnest And Strongest Thin Gold Hoop Earrings in Daintiest  for L.W.


14K Thinnest And Strongest Thin Gold Hoop Earrings for L.W.


Around Here

I teach a parent/child music class (we’re on hiatus for the next few weeks) and it’s a delight to sing and play on the ukulele my own version of “What A Wonderful World” and see how readily everyone sings along…we so need the arts right now — the healing balm that it is. How we all smile when we see the children smile! As facilitator, I do my best to express how singing/dancing/playing musical instruments is Heaven on Earth…

I’m grateful to do what I do…with these hands, with this voice…



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