In the early 90s, this Helenbobelen traveled to northern Italy with a girlfriend and spent time on the beach with friends of friends, of which two were intelligent, handsome young men visiting from what was then Yugoslavia. They were into soccer and showed us their footwork on the sand, on the grass, and wherever we chose to wander. In the evenings, we dined together as a big group. It turned out one of the men was Serbian and the other was Croatian. They casually explained that after Italy they’d be required to return to Yugoslavia to join the war, join opposing sides as a Serbian and a Croatian, and be forced to fight — and maybe kill — each other. They were longtime friends.

When asked, ‘how did this all happen?’ they and others in the group replied that it probably started with two people in “power” who had a misunderstanding which turned into an argument and then the two decided to recruit entire armies.

We cheek-kissed our goodbyes. I never saw them again. But I learned to deeply understand the connection between emotional peace and environmental conservation.


Q. I’d like to find a quality pair of very thin hoop earrings. How do I distinguish the best from the others?

A. In each photo, on each pair of hoop earrings appear, the eye can distinguish a consistent shape which also indicates its strength. Also, the thinner the pair of hoop earrings, the more precise the artisanal workmanship.

Q. What makes H.M. Lee’s Thinnest (And Strongest) Thin Gold Hoop Earrings and other artisan jewelry ethically-created?

A. H.M. Lee’s ethical jewelry fabrication practices have been developed for over 17 years of professional metalsmithing. Her Thinnest (And Strongest) Thin Gold Hoop Earrings are created with conflict-free/Earth-friendly gold — 100% of the gold and silver is certified conflict-free by Scientific Certified Systems and is 100% recycled. You can read more about conflict-free gold here.

Q. What makes H.M. Lee’s Thinnest (And Strongest) Thin Gold Hoop Earrings and other artisan jewelry sustainable?

A. They’re created by a fair-paid eco-friendly whole foods plant-based-eater, and healthy and happy artist who enjoys things created with love. In addition, each pair is one-of-a-kind and created upon your very own request.

Yes, created in the U.S. and bespoke!

Q. Would you create these Thinnest (And Strongest) Thin Gold Hoop Earrings in rose or green gold?

A. Yes, simply go to the respective yellow-gold karat page and purchase the pair in the karat you’d like to be in rose or green gold. Upon electronic checkout, write a note (or in a separate email) that you’d like the pair in rose or green gold.

Q. Are your earrings and jewelry nickel-free?

A. Yes, they’re all nickel-free.

Q. Why do you specialize in Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings?

A. Hoop earrings have been around since the beginning of jewelry creation. 17 years ago, clients had asked her to craft very thin hoop earrings in precious metals as no one else at that time invested in this type of production (only caring human eyes and hands — not a machine — can best create them). So she created these thin hoop earrings in 10 Karat, 14 Karat, and 18 Karat gold and over the years, both her self-taught techniques and earrings have evolved and strengthened.

Today, no one besides her is creating the thinnest and strongest thin hoop earrings in precious metals and in gratitude to the Universe, Helen shares that income with a variety of 501c3 charities. She continues her quest to be an eco-friendly and charitable artist.

Aesthetic advantages to wearing her thinnest and strongest thin hoop earrings are the subtle glittery enhancements to the wearer’s natural beauty, along with versatility of the earrings, matching almost all necklaces, bracelets, and/or rings.

Practical advantages to wearing the thinnest and strongest thin hoop earrings are comfort, as these earrings are gentle on the earlobes. Since they’re ultra thin, they’re lightweight and easy to travel with, take up less space, and require less of the earth’s natural resources; they’re also recyclable and hold intrinsic value.

95% of the packaging is recyclable/compostable. 100% of the earrings are recyclable.

To her, creating the thinnest and strongest thin hoop earrings is an additional form of meditation/positive prayer.

Q. How is H.M. Lee’s ongoing 100 Hummingbird Art Series and other Art ethically-created and sustainable?

A. The art materials are Earth-friendly.

Helen uses watercolor, graphite, reclaimed or minimal wood, and tempera — a water and mineral paint used in France’s Lascaux caves. Lascaux cave tempera art has lasted over 20,000 years!

She also uses an H20-evaporative-process which leaves the waterways untouched.

95% of the packaging is recyclable/compostable.


Q. Who does the photography? Who does the modeling? Who does the coding?

A. Helen/”H.M. Lee” photographs the artwork/jewelry. She uses a Canon S95 (and occasionally her cellphone) and iPhoto editing.

As a young’un, she once modeled for Apple computer, has appeared in several magazines for her design work.

She codes, having picked some CSS/HTML-knowledge from friends and the internet.

Q. Is it fun to model? Does she like to model?

A. It’s a curiosity to her. It’s not her favorite activity, however the photos give clients a better idea how the jewelry looks on the earlobes, neck, wrist, etc.


Q. What’s her ethnic background?

A. Korean-American, born and raised in the U.S.

Q. She’s not part- Chinese, part- Japanese, Hawaiian, or part- Caucasian?

A. Nope. Even Koreans think she’s one of the above, and not one of them.


Q. What’s her average day?


  1. breathing from the ribcage & drinking lots of clean filtered H20
  2. focused and general meditation
  3. exercising/yoga/weight-training (48lb free-weights)
  4. preparing and eating healthy food
  5. creating beautiful art/beautiful or useful things*
  6. getting enough rest/sunlight/outdoor time/music/errands/cafe time
  7. keeping things tidy and sprouting/gardening
  8. metalsmithing and running the business
  9. caring for her rescued feline, and other activities…
  10. consulting/coaching/teaching
  11. *sharing her quality creations/earnings with 501c3s

Q. Is she a luddite?

A. Nope.

Technology has its place: the internet is useful, solar-powered bicycles are wonderful, and silicone menstrual cups save waste.


Q. Is she married?

A. No. She once was married to her “wasband” for almost ten years, over ten years ago. They hugged on the day they signed the papers and said goodbye.

Q. Does she want to be married?

A. Monogamous, yes. Married, no. (And he’s not married either, of course.) She encourages everyone who wants to get married to get married…she’s officiated 2 of 3 marriage ceremony requests.

Her successful relationship with a man can be seen as a venn diagram where the overlapped portion represents quality weekend time for the two artists/authors/sculptors.

Q. Does she want to have children?

A. She’s taken care of hundreds of children (and still does through her thin hoop earrings as in-kind-gifts to 501c3s). Probably not. Her life is full (see Average Day Question)!


Q. Who’s the most famous person she’s met/shook hands with?

A. Walter Cronkite. (He was Oprah before Oprah was Oprah.)

She’s also crossed paths with artist/photojournalist/sculptress Gina Lollobrigida…and is one or two degrees of separation with Salvador Dali and Dalai Lama in three or four (or five) different ways.

Q. She’s met/shook hands with Kevin Bacon and Kim Kardashian too?

A. Yes, them too.

Q. Oprah?

A. Nay. One degree though.

Q. Would you like to meet her?

A. Of course, she’s Oprah!


Q. What does Helen believe in?

A. Surrendering to a higher power within her heart, the fruits of the Spirit. Having friends with all backgrounds, colors, race, and religions, she’s a Universalist.


Q. Why is she not on Facebook?

A. Helen hasn’t been on Facebook for years. This has given her more time to work with her hands and appreciate the outdoors.

She is on meetup and  youtube...


Q. What are her online consultation rates?

A. She consults along a sliding scale, but generally $100.00 and up for 50 minutes or your rate if its higher (her rates have leveled-out since she’s completed her 100 Hummingbird Art Series). (Just FYI, she began charging $100.00/hr back in 1999). French pronunciation and English As A Second Language classes are available. You can sign up here. (For all other remote sessions not listed in the aforementioned link, her hourly rate is your hourly rate. BTW, remote viewing isn’t very good for your physical being as it brings you away from presence…anyhoo…)

Q. She looks like she’s still in college…is she worth her consultation rates?


Helen’s been/has:

  • An entrepreneur since 1998.
  • Taught professionally since 1991.
  • Harvard Business School Executive Education Launching New Ventures Certification.
  • Owned her own eponymous NYC fashion boutique/manufacturing/wholesaling company for seven years.
  • Is on her second well-read blog (and brand).
  • Wrote and illustrated a children’s picture book.
  • A unique skill set in both art, design, and sciences (including exercise sciences: post-rehabilitation, pre- and post-natal fitness specialist since 1998), as well as business (manufacturing, niche marketing, retail, etc.).
  • Performed musically/artistically in front of large groups of people.
  • Travelled the world alone (and with a rescued feline companion).
  • Officiated two wedding ceremonies.
  • For several years, lived alone in silence.
  • Received many spontaneous hugs from children and smiles from infants.
  • All over the world, consulted/coached/taught individuals of all business and artistic backgrounds.
  • Witnessed spontaneous healings of others and herself.
  • Experienced an NDE.

She considers herself to be both weird and practical.

Most importantly, she’s kind towards people, sentient beings, the Earth, and herself!

Here’s a 2017 podcast interview (“Your Creative Push” by Youngman Brown):

Everything is FIGURE-OUT-ABLE (w/ Helen Lee)


Q. Who does her cooking/dishes/housework/laundry/etc.?

A. She does.


Q. What will she paint after her 100 Hummingbird Art Series?

A. Now that it’s been completed, she’ll probably paint art for herself, create booklets, prints, and sing more often.


Q. What is the purpose of life?

A. To breathe easy for life’s duration.


Q. What if I don’t care about any of this information and am just looking to find very thin hoop earrings that are easy to insert inside the earlobes?

A. Simple. Just purchase the size you’re looking for (“Medium-Grand” size or smaller…you want these to lay flat) and send Helen a separate email stating you’d like a pair of custom “Convertible” Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings. Basically, the convertible hoop earrings insert into the ear piercing like a regular earring post. You can go to this page here to see photos of how these hoop earrings work.

The other option is to go to the Freedom Hoop Earrings Component page and purchase the modular components to create a hoop earring dangles.

Hope that helps you in your search, whatever the case : ).


If you’ve gotten this far on this page, thank you for taking the time to connect with Helen…if you’d like to make a purchase and have additional questions, you can reach her through email at this link.


P.S. If you disagree with anything written on this page, you’re right…there are exceptions to every rule…This is who she is. She fully accepts you for who you are…