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Accessible Earth-Friendly Art That Inspires…

This semester, my young’un art students no longer wait for a recycle bin at their school (we waited and waited and waited…no recycle bin…)…they now just simply re-use paper from the “scrap bin”. Consistently, this Helenbobelen has been modeling various art projects using “recycled” paper and often times in a jokey/ironic way, depending on the paper’s written content…(yes, I’m giving this Helenbobelen a proverbial pat on the back…)

But in general, getting this to Earth-friendly art to happen is a shared joyeous victory and now these kiddos can see how beautiful the random colored scraps can look.

This morning, I came across Kirsten Dirksen’s video of Thomas Dambo who, along with Elon Musk, show that it’s indeed cool for men to recycle and care about our children’s future Earth.

It takes energy to recycle. It takes energy to care…and truly create.



Art Booklet

This Helenbobelen created this art booklet last year…from random various paper slips of artwork already included on this blog where I hand-stitch-organized them, incorporating some of my students’ illustrated gifts by slipping them into book page “pockets”. The cover was left bare with a few random pencil marks (this less-than-pristine booklet was in my bag as I scootered from place to place around town).

Two nights ago, I had this urge to create something so this Helenbobelen’s hand erased the random cover marks and sketched Queen Sophia, my 19-year-old calico rescue who, like her name is noble, gentle, and wise. (This was after Sunday when my friend Margaret met Sophia for the first time and exclaimed, “I’m so honored to have met Sophia!). My intention was to include this booklet in my art gallery and in the interim bring it to class to show my 5 to 9 year olds and slowly inspire them into using watercolor pencils as well as creating more art booklets.

Well, it worked…I showed this booklet to the young’uns…after a dance party (it was Valentine’s Day and they had plenty of candy, so of course I turned up the music to dance out the “squirrellies” before having them hunker down at their art tables.) were very complimentary and focused, and “yes, ma’am”-ing me without my prompting…and creating art that is beyond their chronological ages.

That is God and art for you…

Well, when I get the chance, I’ll photograph and showcase some of them here. But for now, maybe this will inspire you, too…to love art…and maybe just love…


Art Booklet: This sketch (of the 19-year-old love of my life) done a couple of nights ago…


Past sketches of Sophia and my last year’s students’ artwork…


This page is from a class lesson in teaching the children about artwork “detail”…we created hummingbird triptychs of varying degrees of detail…


The young’uns tell me again and again when I ask them for tree facts: “We need trees because they give us oxygen…”


The young’uns requested a picture of a dog…so God rendered this one in ink (eraser-free)…


Hummingbird 84 (the original)


Hummingbird 85 and 86 (the original)


Yes, another tree!


Black cat (eraser-free)

Thank you to my wonderful clients who’ve entrusted my artisan skills…(so much so that they’ve been willing to provide their email address so they can vouch for this Helenbobelen’s thin hoop earring creation skills!…I’m very touched!)

This body is taking a “ Shops holiday” although I’ll still be fulfilling existing hoop earring requests at this time and teaching art/music and of course, creating art and music as this is part of my holiday and Life…

The shops will reopen on the 22nd…thank you for your kind words and purchases!



Spirit Animals, Robots, and Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day Cards


Stamp of Approval


Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day arrived a bit early this year as I had the young ‘uns create “spirit animal” Valentine’s Day cards for other children (some they’ve never met — children in the local area hospital). Two of the young ‘uns speak often about wolf and cheetah spirit animals, so I decided to combine this idea with the red-heart-holiday coming up  this month…you know, why not?

I created some wolf and cheetah templates rendered on recycled 8 1/2 by 11 paper as well as the aforementioned envelopes. Also created by this Helenbobelen were filled-in versions with color or grey-scale graphite so they might see some possibilities of artistic interpretation. These 5 to 8 year olds created remarkably accurate winter trees and in the next class, I showed them a video of a then-child artist Akiane Kramarik (when the video ended, they asked for more…and more time to do art).

A couple of them asked me, “What if I don’t know what my spirit animal is?” and I responded with, “Good question. Why don’t you just draw whatever you want.” …and they drew robots and otherwise colorful-such.

The Valentine’s Day cards turned out beautifully and I saw a lot of young artists’ faces soften.

I’m also including (the middle photo) a stamp that comes with any item sent out…(see this Stamp of Approval post here). 


Thank you to my art and music students (and the 501c3 organization) who trust this Helenbobelen to impart whatever knowledge and experience and wisdom to bring them closer to artistic and emotional creativity…and thank you to the teachers who imparted whatever knowledge and experience and wisdom to bring me closer to artistic and emotional creativity…

and to my clients, thank you for your kind feedback and purchases…

I am most grateful.