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DIY Art Shelf

Art Shelf “Hardware”: Anthropologie mint tins and REI tent-grommet-kit for improvisational shelf-L-brackets…(And yes, the Anthropologie salesperson gave me a weird look when I told her I wasn’t buying the mints to eat the mints but to create shelving…maybe she was too busy to see the tin’s minimalist design potential…)


Art Shelf Hardware With Leftover Mints: I emptied the tins (gave away the mints), and used the grommet kit’s phillips screws to hand-bore — using a phillips screwdriver —  a hole into the back on the tin’s inside (In both tins, I measured first…and as I bore, I placed cardboard panel behind the tins to protect any surfaces) and used an awl to increase the hole’s size…yes, an electric drill would’ve been awesome, but I improvised with what I had: my human arm and ear (…listening to Sabrina Carpenter’s “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”; her voice and the words “muddle through somehow” was a complete inspirational salve…a wonderful purchase…)…an awesome Saturday night…


Using the phillips screwdriver, I attached the tins to the wall (measuring the wall to get the tins and wood level) and closed the tin covers. I placed the East-Austin-found wood atop the mint tins and it promptly fell off. I — er, my hands — then placed the wood on its other more narrower side…and it stayed. (Thank you angels…)


Art Shelf complete! I placed the Helenbobelen art work on top of the wood. And truth be told, I washed all the walls before starting this diy project…(well, all that I could reach — it’s a Saturday night and I don’t have a ladder…I stood barefoot on my dumbbells…and yes, I have to eventually make some salvaged-wood chairs…or just a bench so my visiting friends don’t have to sit on the floor anymore. I digress…)


Art Shelf complete! La, la, la!


Art Shelf installation well-celebrated…thank you…thank you…thank you…xoxo…

Hummingbirds 96 & 97

Hummingbird 96 & 97: Work In Progress (the blank pages are for the young’uns to fill in)


Hummingbirds 96 & 97


Hummingbirds 96 & 97


Hummingbirds 96 & 97

If one were to take into account drawing free-hand hummingbirds for children as I teach them art, this Helenbobelen has easily reached 100…maybe even 150!

Recently, the young’uns have been spying in my art pile Hummingbirds 85 and 86 and of course, requesting those…and at the time, having only the original on me, I delayed hummingbird-dream-fulfillment until the school holidays arrived and found time to create duplicates.

And of course, I had to fill in one of these duplicates to show them the possibilities and have them either mimic or completely disregard my style. It’s a complete joy to me when they do the latter. (“There’s no right or wrong way to do it…it’s art!” they say to one another, mimicking my repeated words — how I love these children!) Often I tell my art students how, when I was their age, I colored a coloring book page in one crayon color — purple. That true story seems to take the squeak out of their “squirrelies” and they dive into their art like miniature Picassos.

Anyhoo, once they fill in their hummingbird versions, I’ll post a few here and perhaps display them in a local cafe gallery.

In the meanwhile, this Helenbobelen will be working on Hummingbirds 98, 99, and 100…

Hummingbirds 96 & 97
5 1/8H x 4 1/4W x 1/16D Inches
Watercolor, Tempera, Washable Marker, Xerox Machine Ink, Paper, Cardboard, and Love

Not For Sale


P.S. My artist friend Leah has a Kickstarter for her girl-empowered comic book series,”Couri Vine”. Below is a blurb. You can check out this project at this link.

“We decided early on that we wanted to make an action-packed adventure story about a young person who is hiding from her disability, who then discovers that her difference can become her superpower.”


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Zero-Waste-ish: Sea To Summit Silicone-Coated Bag (Good for re-useable shopping bag for Kale/Collard Greens/Celery), Life Factory Silicone/Glass Bowls, Nalgene plastic bottles (I use mine for Brazil Nuts and other small number bulk-food items)


Zero-waste-ish: 14K Rose Thinnest And Strongest Thin Gold Hoop Earrings in “Medium” and 14K Gold Thinnest And Strongest Thin Gold Hoop Earrings in “Grand” and Sustainably-Created Hummingbird Art


Zero-waste-ish: packaging

I’m not sure if there’s an actual thing as zero-waste…I do my best to be zero-waste…and be judgment-free of others who choose to do otherwise…it’s all about self-observation and being okay with what you do in the midst of what keep swimming, to keep rowing that boat…between the waters of yourself and “the other”…for the sake of the children and their future world which still somehow your own. I welcome wise zero-waste ideas from our ancestors and from young pioneers…

As always, thank you for your kind feedback and purchases…I’m truly grateful…


From now until October 9th, a percentage from purchases will be donated to the GoFundMe page for the “Forever Vegas Strong” Las Vegas loved ones and their families…


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