Helenbobelen believes beautiful art makes every home a love-filled one. Like her jewelry, her artwork can be described as elegant combined with a sense of modernity.

H.M. Lee's Hummingbird Art Series


Although she’s spent time as an adult at Harvard Business School, H.M. Lee has been an artist her entire life.
When she was 7, she won an award for a written essay and was invited to read it aloud on local radio. A year later she won another award for her vocal and piano performance. In high school, under the direction of Joan Hopkins, she went to state IMTA competitions for classical piano performance.
As a university student, Ms. Lee switched to visual art and created several Super-8 and 16mm Bolex film/video shorts, documentaries, and commercials (won an award in the latter category) and then later studied prose and poetry at Northwestern University.
In Europe, she studied short story writing under Francine Prose and Margot Livesy and 16 years later received a scholarship to attend the Highlights Children’s Writers Workshop where she met and later received further guidance from Coretta Scott King Award recipient/illustrator Floyd Cooper.
Her collage work being influenced by artist Lynn Pauley with whom she studied drawing and painting at Parsons School of Art in 1999, Ms. Lee created the picture book Suriso with collaged art and simple lines from 2010-2012.
Still holding interest in music, she studied classical, jazz, and pop technique with Cari Cole’s Voice Studio and jazz soloist Michelle Carr in NYC, and classical with opera diva Maria Todaro in Woodstock, NY, along with teaching herself the ukulele.
Thereafter, spending at least 4 years of “alone time”, she further developed her own artistic aesthetic, even experimenting with sculpture from recycled sterling silver — along with other more natural materials — and in 2015 had her first solo show/First Thursday in Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District. In 2017, she was interviewed on the art-centered YourCreativePush podcast.
Her artwork and creations may be also found in home galleries (and on humans) all across the world.

Since 2010, H.M. Lee has been creating her 100 Hummingbirds Art Series, each hummingbird an original and one-of-a-kind.
Each Hummingbird is a portable piece of peace to give to a loved one or to your lovely self. Place it as a floating jewel on the mantel, in your vestibule, near your cockpit window, or wherever inspired!

These paintings make for great one-of-a-kind and meaningful gifts…


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Kind words about H.M. Lee’s Art/100 Hummingbird Art Series:

We are pleased to showcase this piece. — m.s.

Helen is a true artist! — a.b.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! Thank you!!!! — s.h.


“Hummingbird 89”

“Hummingbird 89”
4W x 3H x 1/8D Inches
Ink, Watercolor, Tempera, Minimal Wood, and Love

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“Hummingbird 88”

“Hummingbird 88”
3.75W x 1.5H x .75D Inches
Tempera, Watercolor, Graphite, Ink, Reclaimed Wood

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“Hummingbird 81”

“Hummingbird 81”
5W x 4H x 1/8D Inches
Tempera, Watercolor, Graphite, Ink, Cotton, and Minimal Wood

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“Hummingbird 72”
1.5W x 2.5H x .75D Inches
Graphite, Ink, Watercolor, Tempera, and Reclaimed Wood

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Hummingbirds 19,20,21

“Hummingbirds 19/20/21”
58W x 36H Inches
Watercolor, Gouache, Thin Shipping Paper (used for the gold for her jewelry) and Love

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Hummingbird 2

“Hummingbird 2”
6W x 8.25H Inches
Ink, Paper, and Love

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